How to take care of a reborn baby doll

How to take care of a reborn baby doll

Reborn baby dolls should be carefully treated.

1. The Doll should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
2. Do not throw this doll and never slap on a table.
3. Avoid using ink and markers near your dolls since they can be stained and permanently damaged.
4. Do not feed them real food.
5. Please take care of it when touching the heads or removing the clothing.
6. Never use heated products on doll’s hair such as blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc.


Normally, there are three kind of hair for reborn baby dolls. Rooted Hair, wigged hair and hand hand painted hair. Hand rooted mohair is quite close to real baby’s hair, but it is easy to be mess, you can comb it with a little water. Rooted Mohair:It is can be washed gently like a real baby's hair. Wigged Hair: it is typically a synthetic hair material sewn on a skull cap, very similar to making wigs for humans. Hand painted Hair: it will not fade and can be washed gently.

Normally, there are two type of body, cloth body and full silicone body. Body:
Cloth Body Reborn Baby Dolls are not washable, silicone head and limbs could be gently washed.
Full Silicone Body:arms and legs are stuck into the body, if the arms or legs fall off, you can easily install by yourself.

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is there are way to clean the dolls toes,.. noticed they easily get dirty, tried using a wipe to clean the fingers and toes, but right now it looks stained. I had my daughter put pantyhose to prevent them from staining further.

Magali Santacruz

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